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About Cultivating Health

We at Cultivating Health aim to help people by addressing their nutritional concerns because we believe that nutrition & lifestyle are the building blocks of health and by providing right nutrition, you can work on the root cause of many hormonal issues.

We are passionate about helping couples navigate infertility, using science-backed nutrition strategies to improve their chances of getting pregnant naturally with a special interest in conditions like PCOS, ovulatory dysfunction, and menstrual and hormonal issues

Dr. Pooja Banga Malhotra

PhD. & M.Sc. Food and Nutrition

Dr. Pooja Banga is a PhD. And M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, specialized in fertility and functional medicine. She helps women & couples work with their bodies to conceive & take home healthy babies by providing leading services in Reproductive and Prenatal nutrition while working with their respective OB/GYN. Her mission is to show the world how important and powerful targeted nutrition & lifestyle intervention is for fertility.

Specializes In Nutrition For :

Patients We Work With

People with any hormonal Reproductive issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, Going through Menopause, Painful menstruation, etc All of these issues can be addressed at a root level by having a good and appropriate diet, maintaining a healthy weight and bridging the nutritional gap between the diet and nutritional needs of the body

People with Fertility issued who are either trying naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Therapies (ARTs). Nutrition is a very important aspect of egg & sperm health and can also affect the implantation process due to which it is very important to get a proper nutrition and lifestyle guidance when trying to conceive. Also many people might need to gain or lose weight before TTC so nutrition plays a very important role here again

Prenatal and Postnatal dietary consultation for women to fulfil their body's nutritional requirements during the different phases of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is very important to assess the dietary and supplementation needs of women during this phase as this can affect their health and well as that of the baby. Many women need to watch their depending on their pre conception weight, during pregnancy in order to have a healthy baby